Friday, October 14, 2011

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)

We have been researching the culture and symbolism behind Day of the Dead.  It is an awesome celebration of life by remembering and honoring your ancestors.  As we learn more and more about it the more we understand why the day is gaining in popularity and its folk art is popping up everywhere.  Here is a Dia de los Muertos inspired alter that we worked on together.  it was donated for the Opportunity Drawing during Sandy Camp.  When we find more boxes we will be creating more

Sandy Camp XIII

So we are back to routine and missing our time at Sandy Camp.  You want to know all the exciting things we created and enjoyed?  And of course here are some samples of our mischief as well :)

Come Trick or Treat in our room.  That was this year’s theme, so of course we got to play it up all week
 What crazy shadows those are, mmm is that extruded clay?
Makins’ Clay Extruders with the Lovely Marni
 Some of Yvette’s beautiful creations, I think there is a high demand for the bracelet
Yvette with Patti Mac, spiders are icky but those sure were cute
Kasi (Gyspy) and Yvette (kitty kat) with one of our favorite clay teachers Deb Francis (she taught us how to create turquoise)

We painted these fun Breast for Charity, (Sunflower-Kasi and Pumpkin-Yvette).  Thanks to Marie Segal for getting us involved in this project, it was fun.  And and look at the cute little Oktoberfest guy (Yvette)
  Yvette’s rings

One of Yvette’s Pay-it-forward project and Hello Kitty Mosaic Pen Holder

Yvette’s Halloween bugs, she did these after learning the technique from Kelly Steindorf’s demo
Kasi’s Halloween steampunk ring, with an angry duck.  And of course the Lush had to create a German Chocolate Cake Shot with Pixy Stick covered Lemon J

Kasi’s Skull with snake and spider
Kasi created the Honey Badger Bottle Opener for Husband Ryan because “Honey Badger don’t give a shit”
 Kasi’s Turkey Pins

And of course you have to be in the right state of mind to enjoy this one.  Just a bit of our sense of humor and fun that these two BFFs get into all the time

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Night

Looking forward to ceramic class tonight.  Have to finish up our stiff slab project.  Next we venture into throwing and using the ceramic wheel.  Unfortunately our ceramic interferes with Clay Guild Meetings, but we are having a blast working with another medium.  Ceramics is fun but I think polymer has More variety for creativity

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sandy Camp XIII

We are so happy we were able to make Sandy Camp this year.  Pouring down rain and Cintronella Candles couldnt damper our fun and enjoyment we get from participating in this event.  We attempted to sell in the store for our first time, we learned a lot and now have stuff leftover for other holiday craft shows and our etsy store,
This years theme of course got us all excited "Trick and Treat."  So we had to dress up everyday.  We just did halloween and fall flair on the first day; then oktoberfest guy and staypuff marshmellow man the 2nd; on the 3rd day gypsy and kitty cat, and on the last day we were the hit with Makins' Clay Extruders.
So we were up to our usual adventures and as always had so much fun as BFFs

Bottles of Hope

We are excited about the amount of donated bottles we received from coworkers.  These go to help with the project of Bottle of Hope that the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild and Moore's Cancer Center partner in.  Here is a sample of some of the bottles we created with them.  We got so many we were able to give some to other members of the guild to create some as well