Monday, October 10, 2011

Sandy Camp XIII

We are so happy we were able to make Sandy Camp this year.  Pouring down rain and Cintronella Candles couldnt damper our fun and enjoyment we get from participating in this event.  We attempted to sell in the store for our first time, we learned a lot and now have stuff leftover for other holiday craft shows and our etsy store,
This years theme of course got us all excited "Trick and Treat."  So we had to dress up everyday.  We just did halloween and fall flair on the first day; then oktoberfest guy and staypuff marshmellow man the 2nd; on the 3rd day gypsy and kitty cat, and on the last day we were the hit with Makins' Clay Extruders.
So we were up to our usual adventures and as always had so much fun as BFFs

1 comment:

  1. Your costumes were wonderful!!
    Glad you two could be there.