Monday, September 12, 2016

Fimo 50 World Project

BFF Crafts is proud of being involved in a celebration of polymer clay.  We made kissing fish so our tiles were together, but we each made our fish to reflect our style and techniques we enjoy.  We spent a day and went to a nearby lake with the family.  The family fished, played, and enjoyed a beautiful day while we created.

Fimo celebrated it's 50 year anniversary by opening a worldwide project to artist to submit a tile that would be places on a globe and then auctions for charity.

The globe is a combined work of art that measures 2 meters high and consists of 696 tiles.  Artists from 41 countries and almost all continents contributed to making this a world-wide project

The original plan was to auction the individual tiles and to donate the proceeds to charity. However, STAEDTLER has now decided against an auction in order to leave the Globe in existence as an outstanding joint work of art of the polymer clay world for posterity.. STAEDTLER will make a donation to two different charities.  One of these is the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies run by Dr Ron Lehocky in the USA; the other is the Samunnat Community in Nepal.
The total amount we will be donating is 16,008 EUR which is 2 x 8,004 EUR, the article number of FIMO professional.

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