Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beauty Pageant Sashes

We were commissioned to make Hooter Girl Bikini Contest Sashes for 4 Southern California Restaurants.
Each one had a different theme.  At first we weren't too sure how to design them and exactly what we had agreed to do.  But together we pulled from each others strengths and made some beautiful sashes and rosette buttons to fasten them with.  Do you have an event you need sashes for we would love to do this project again?

 Starting phase of the custom made rosette buttons.  With store name, year and Theme.  These were used to hold sashes together

                                      These are a few of the sashes drying

Theme: Hooter Girls Around the World

                                                            Theme: Dirty Disney

Theme: Moulin Rouge

Theme: Under the Sea                                                               

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