Monday, January 7, 2013

Sandy Camp (Clay Camp) 2012

Wow the Rock N Roll 50's theme Sandy Camp was so much fun.  We are exhausted but it was worth it.  Had great times with new friends and got to know people better.  This year we were added to the committee and asked to organize the demos.  It was scary and challenging at first but you know us we are up to challenges.  From the feedback we got it seemed we did a great job and have been asked to do it again next year.  Didnt get that many projects done as we were facilitating things but perhaps next year we will know better how to handle things and can be more productive.  Anyway here are some great photos of us claying around. 

Mickey Mouse Club "Mouseketeers" singing and being good ;)
Maria and Kelly try on retro glasses

Greaser (Buddy) was getting all the love.  Jana and Tina got in on the fun

                                                                                                         What a pretty waterfall

Buddy the Rebel

Off to Prom

Mrs. Marie Segal looks proper for dinner

Ellie enjoying her demo artist treat

Another Buddy and date

MMM Yvette enjoying a "soda" shop treat

Lovely Yvette

Alice look out for the white rabbit

Oh so sweet

Ellie and Yvette

Snail in a jar, ask Yvette about the joke her Dad made up

Maria and Yvette enjoying the Sock hop

Look at the happy work station

Saturday dinner, I think I spy Lucy

Stop in the name of Love

"Elvis, Elvis let me be, keep that pelvis far from me"

karaoke time at the sock hop

OOO look at all she won

It's Sooooo Cold in here

Soda Shop helpers: Kelly, Deni, and Gloria

One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater

Yvette's James Dean Inchies for the swap

Cheers to a great time at Sandy Camp
Rockabilly Sisters
Want to come to our room and relax?
Our Boards we sold in the shop, thanks to all who supported us
Making Marni's towel elephant
marni encourages kasi to drink more not that she needs it

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